What is T.O.D.?


• Have clients learn how to use your products and services and take full advantage of all the special features which proudly separates you from your competitors – whenever and wherever your clients want
• Train your new distributor on how to market your products to get them up and running immediately, with no downtime and without expensive and delayed team trips
• Systematically train your vendors on company’s policies, procedures, resources and all they need to know to become – and remain – a great partner who understands your company
• Give your employees the training they need, when they need it, where they need it, how they need it
• Make routine training (safety, company policies, compliance, organization) dynamic and digestible so that it engages and educates your employees

• 325 million people in the U.S. watched 119 billion online content videos in December 2019. (ComScore)
• The average American spent more than 19 hours watching online videos. (ComScore)
• 74% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions. (Invodo)
• 83% of C-suite executives say they watch work-related videos weekly. (MarketingProfs)
• Users remember 71% more by watching video vs. just reading alone. (MarketingProfs)


• Significantly reduced training costs, while guaranteeing improved quality and on-time deliverability
• Encourage employees, clients and vendors to learn by providing them with freedom on when and where to receive training
• Access to specialized, pre-screened and approved engaging facilitators and experts 24/7 in lieu of enlisting expensive private training companies which offer no guarantee of quality


Your company has to periodically train staff on safety and compliance, as well as welcome new hires and train them on company policies, organization and mission, etc.

The way training has been traditionally done can be tedious and boring, time-consuming, ineffective, and expensive – regardless of the format (i.e., video, in person, written format, etc.).

Beyond will provide you the perfect combination of proven educational methodologies with the effectiveness of marketers whose strength is to capture attention, along with the expertise of our in-house production department, which will take the routine out of training and make it attractive and engaging.


You launch a new product in the market with unique features that differentiate you from your competitors. Studies, however, have shown that 80% of product features are never used and that clients buy based on emotions, not rationales.

You can boost product usage and increase loyalty rates just by educating your clients through short videos on how to do the things they would love to do – or perhaps didn’t even know they can do.

Considering that a buyer costs you money while a client gives you money, educational videos are the newest trend used by innovative marketing departments to create a special bond with clients and prospects.

With our marketing expertise and in-house full production capabilities, we help you develop product-training videos to engage your clients and edge out your competitors.


If you are part of a highly competitive industry like banking, insurance, cosmetics, food and beverages, automotive, telecommunications, computers, etc., getting prospects to switch from their preferred brands to yours is one of marketing’s main challenges.

Attracting prospects and engaging clients by providing them valuable information of interest to them with the purpose of building trust, branding, awareness and positive sentiment is the easiest and most effective way to grab and hold their attention and engage with your brand.

With our educational and marketing expertise we help you develop the content strategy to engage your target audience, while our award-winning creative team will inject fun and make the experience unforgettable.


Imagine your company’s priority for the year is to innovate and it’s now part of HR’s initiative to develop an innovative culture.

You consider Creative Thinking Training as a key in developing innovation. The challenge you will encounter with traditional training is the limited number of people who can attend because of time constraints, travel availability to the training facility or the type of training itself.

Our expert team on education and marketing will help you create a library of on-demand skills training that will position HR ahead of the curve and on the path to innovation, while guaranteeing consistency in quality and cost effectiveness.

Whether you have to provide training and development in leadership, communications and presentations skills or any other type of skill that requires development, your employees will greatly appreciate the readily available and easy training they have access to when facing a challenge or issue on a skillset that needs work.


• An initial consultation. Together with you we will establish how to transform your training needs into a fast, innovative, impactful and cost-effective solution for your company.
• Getting your in-house trainers camera-ready. We understand that video recording can be intimidating for some people, so they don’t need to worry. We will fully support them through the entire process and teach them to become the best communicators before a camera.
• Casting for specific training needs if you don’t have an expert to deliver the messaging.
• Content strategy to engage clients and convert prospects. We might even test the acceptance and performance of different content with your audience.
• Because video training is different from live training with no one available to answer questions, we will transform all of your training material to video scripts to ensure quality and consistency.
• Focus group testing to guarantee the effectiveness of the video in achieving your goals.
• Full in-house production capabilities to develop and create education videos. Our staff has recorded and post-produced over 500 hours of training, which guarantees the best quality for Training On Demand.

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