Unipharma, a pharmaceutical company,  developed a line of glutathione-based liquid supplements and assigned us the mission of becoming the category leader in the United Stated market.

Project overview:

To achieve the goal, we planned and executed an ambitious plan where Beyond took control of all customer contact points. Advertising, Store, Public Relations, Social Media, etc.

A launch strategy for the GlutaDose® Wellness product was established, with a mix of Legacy and digital media in two languages (English and Spanish). A strategy was executed in the four most active regions in the nutraceutical market. The Amazon store and all the brand’s online presences were optimized for a fast and secure customer journey.

National and international distribution logistics were set up and the support of renowned ambassadors for the brand was coordinated. A three-phase strategy was designed: 1) Education 2) Acquisition 3) Engagement Thanks to this effort, today GlutaDose® is the leading brand in glutathione-based liquid products with Blow-Fill-Seal technology.


Some of our past work