There are more people using video and online platforms to teach and train others than never before. However, most of the offering either lacks educational methodologies or fails to properly convey a brands’ core values in an effective, entertaining and memorable way.

Project overview:

At Beyond, we’ve developed a modern and highly engaging production approach that results in TOD (Training on Demand) experiences that stand out.

Clients come to us when they want to teach their customers on how to use their products and services, taking full advantage of all the special features which separates them from your competitors.

Other common applications include: training your new distributor on how to market your products to get them up and running immediately; making routine training (safety, company policies, compliance, organization) dynamic and digestible so that it engages and educates your employees at their own pace; or training your vendors on your company’s policies, procedures, and resources.

TOD by Beyond is a sure way to meet your goals within your timeframe and budget.

Some of our past work