In 2018, LifeMiles had over 6 million members worldwide. Our mission was to increase member engagement while taking advantage of LifeMiles’ available social and in-airplane media channels.

Project overview:

We developed a series of exciting videos that showcased brand ambassadors taking advantage of travel to follow their dreams anywhere. We called it LifeMiles Friends, and the First LifeMiles Friend was Ivan Castro, a young photographer from Guatemala.

His passion is astrophotography, which has led him to some of the most remote places on earth to simply get that perfect shot. In this case, it leads us to Patagonia in the South of Argentina. There we would experience the tough and stressful preparation behind photographing a Lunar Eclipse. And to our reward, also the magical moment where all that hard work pays off.

This project won a SunCoast EMMY® AWARD in the category of PHOTOGRAPHER – SHORT FORM

Some of our past work