Mercantil Bank

No formal brand launch and brand communication campaign was done since 2007 when the name changed to Mercantil Commercebank.  There was a clear need of connecting to the communities and start building the brand value to support all commercial efforts.

To launch the first brand campaign, Beyond:

  • – Conducted a brand workshop with Mercantil’s senior executives to understand the positioning the bank needed to capture in order to support its business objectives. From that meeting we extracted brand values, key differentiators and desired target market.
  • – Performed an in-depth desktop analysis of Mercantil’s competitors, their communication strategies, market approach and messaging.
  • – Created a strategy grid with the data extracted from the analysis and detected blue oceans where Mercantil could rapidly position its brand.
  • – Defined the targets, along with Mercantil, as migrants (people who were originally from one city/state/country and lived in South Florida or Texas) and Small Businesses with annual Billings over $2M.
  • – Developed a creative concept that pinned these two audiences using as the campaign claim “From where you are to where you want to be”


Tested the creative concept in focus groups to ensure marketability.

Origins Concept (English)

Achievements Concept (English)

Origins Concept (Spanish)

Achievements Concept (Spanish)

Mobile Banking (Brand Campaign extension)