Mariana ferrari

Mariana ferrari

Strategic Planning

Mariana Ferrari is an International Marketing & Innovation Expert. She has over 20 years of multi-discipline (marketing, sales, crisis management, innovation & general management) experience in multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-sector environments such as retail, financial, consumer, tobacco, energy, etc.

Along her career she held several top-level positions at Fortune 500 companies. She’s been CMO at ING, Director at Young & Rubicam Brands, Regional Coordinator in Latin America at Philip Morris Companies and Director at J. Walter Thompson. Mariana Ferrari is currently CEO of Simple, Smart & Sexy, President of The Institute for the Development of Leadership and Adjunct Faculty at Florida International University.

At ING she sextupled results cutting costs in half, at Young & Rubicam she won the largest regional account in Europe for YR Brands and at Philip Morris she managed a multi-million dollar project in Latin America.

Mariana is the author of "Bitchy corporate life" a best seller story about success in the corporate world (original title: “La Puta Vida Corporativa"), published by Ediciones Granica in Spain, May 2007 and by Centro Atlantico in Portugal and Collaborating Author of “The Future of Innovation”. In 2008, The Future of Innovation named her as one of the 200 most creative minds in the world.


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