TACA Airlines

Brand Relaunch 2008

TV Spot, Microsite and Prints/Online ads

Mario Balladares (… at the time) future Marketing Manager of Taca Airlines contacted us via e-mail requesting an appointment; …we never knew how he came to us.

He visited us asking for a microsite projecting “the Experience” that the airline will soon be offering to those flying with Taca Airlines.

The Brief was fantastic, the company’s top management had decided to change, they had a new north and to sustain its new strategy, they started on the right foot, and for this purpose they contracted a super star in the marketing category from New Zealand, Sarah Robertson-Sandoval, who would further be supported by Balladares, a young engineer, a veteran in consumer packaged goods, who loved his work, his brand and was the conductor of a team of guys implementing the internalized strategy as we had rarely seen.

They decided to collect Information during almost 2 full years with “one on one” interviews on board their own flights, which resulted in a deep understanding of the insight of their frequent flyers and of those who wanted to become as such.

This Brief was interpreted by Beyond in a campaign aimed at the 5 senses. This was the microsite…


After the concept, look and feel were approved, we were asked for an idea more related with the mass-communication of the re-launch – the ATL campaign, which really thrilled us and put us to work during one week without rest to meet the expected timing.

“Eso que a ti te hace diferente a nosotros nos está haciendo cambiar” (“That which makes you different is making us change”), was the creative synthesis we gave to the new Taca; that would be the central sentence that would whisper the brand to its audience for some time.

An expectation and launch campaign was developed for TV, Print and OOH for the cities of New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Texas, and for most Central and South American countries.



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