Sony Alfa NEX Launch

Beyond Total Branding was entrusted with the creation of the Latin America campaign for the NEX line of cameras, part of the sub-brand Sony Alpha.
It was necessary to make a high-end camera with interchangeable lenses and professional sensor to appear easy to use due to its versatility.

logo_sony_nex_bg sony_nex_bike-32c77289a58bff2f969330bc74231f25
photo_cover-50941d7d1f21f04106c6832045736975 sony_nex_product_demo_cover-74030e30312559e4e13cafc1872158cb

Sony Alfa NEX...

It was also required to keep the same communication line as "Alpha". A simple text was developed that invites anyone who loves photography to consider this little technological gem as a truly valid option.

photo_06_cover-60064e4d13f03a01674150961a51d767 SONY ALFA NEX